IBILE Microfinance Bank Nigeria Ltd | Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.

The Data integrity and Data security of our customers is one thing we respect very must. We do not only respect it, but we protect it with every available resources/means. Every confidential information you share with us resides with us and us alone. We do only collect whatever information as is required by our regulators and must be legally in alignment with the law. We will only release any of such information to only those whom you have authorized us to release the information to. They include financial institutions you permit us to deal with, and other third party service providers that provide certain specialized services for us and one of such is png.me. We made sure that we executed a strong Non Disclosure Agreement with these service providers to protect our customers’ data. This policy does have a legal tone that reflects both the importance of the issue and it is consistent with recent federal legislation. If you want more information regarding our privacy principles, please click here to read on.


To request access to, or correction of, your personal information, or to make other inquiries regarding your personal information, you may send an email to our Legal Officers at dpo@ibilemfb.com or by writing to: The Data Protection Officer, IBILE Microfinance Bank Limited, 121 Obafemi Awolowo Way, by Allen Roundabout, Ikeja Lagos.